We have a repair centre here so we know a little bit about LCD’s, what problems they have and also how easily they crack.  In fact it doesn’t matter how tough your Rugged PDA is, the screen always tends to be a weak point if dropped.

The problem with traditional LCD displays is that they are essentially hard, brittle and they don’t like flexing at all.  Add to this LCD’s in rugged devices need to be resistant to different types of forces, torsion or flexing one minute and resisting and impact the next so they remain a fundamental issue in terms if the rugged element.

We’ve been following with great interest the smart phone crowd and LG in particular who have almost got ready a new flexible LCD technology, with companies like Sony and Samsung championing them in some pretty awesome and unique prototype devices.  They not only add a completely new dimension of functionality to any device but they are also said to make them more rugged and durable too.  Why is this?

Well, firstly because they flex, they are less prone to damage.  They are also said to be softer in their construction which should help against drops and impacts and they are inherently more resistance to being damaged completely because they do not crack and leak like current LCD panels, so if you did manage to break one, the chances are that they will be usable enough to keep going.  We’re also told that they will be at least as scratch resistant than current technology.

We’re constantly concerned with what it means to be RUgged here at RAM.  I think in a very basic way, flexible screens are of course going to change the ruggedness of devices and it will interesting to see what constitutes being rugged as the smartphone crowd potentially start to make devices that simply take being rugged as red!

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