OK, but you’re all about the “rugged” I hear you say “whats all this semi rugged pda faff!!!” but let me try to explain this trend that is set to continue into 2012!

The semi rugged market is not about getting a rugged-ish PDA that looks and functions like a smartphone per se, giving your users the latest and greatest and prettiest looking devices. It’s not about Facebook integration, twitter, apps or chrome designed casings!!

It is however partly about giving users a more smartphone like ability in a device that’s small enough to carry around in your pocket and it also has to do with offering a decent roadmap and life, decent support with parts availability, running Windows Mobile or android and all at a price that’s under (well under) £500.

Yes rugged is needed, but as mobile is being taken up now by even the smallest customer, there is a growing drive for devices that offer the full rugged service in a semi rugged pda that’s small, not expensive but capable.

I think 2012 will see a drive towards “rugged enough” for a lot of people, with less to spend but still needing rugged service, a good reseller relationship and continued trust and work as they grow.

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