Sat in bed just watching some of the presentations from WWDC 10 and you would forgive people for thinking that the iPhone 4.0 is rugged!!

Heres why:

  • Glass back and front, specially developed by Apple to be 30 times tougher than plastic.
  • Stainless steel frame and sides.
  • Integrated radio antenna.
  • Decent all day battery.
  • Ready made barcode scanning apps.
  • Support packs available.
  • Unbelievable array of accessories for any situation.
  • Decent OS and developer platform that’s not susceptible to virus attacks.
  • Decent roadmaps, if a little short but with great advice and effort to backward support older models.
  • All from £300?

Now forgive me if I’m wrong, but get yourself a rugged partner who understands rugged requirements but can also create software for the iPhone (errr that’s us isn’t it) and we’re beginning to wonder if this could just be the answer for some situations.

What I do know is that there would be far less user resistance if you started giving out iPhones instead of chunky semi rugged devices.

Just a thought…..


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