We’re all about being Rugged here with Rugged Handheld PDA’s at the heart of what we do, but we also have a growing software and app solution business here who like nothing more than having the latest and greatest smartphones to play and tinker with so they challenged us Rugged hardware folk to discuss all the ways that you can make any mobile tool more rugged, rugged PDA or smartphone, Rugged Tablet or iPad!  We asked some of our customers too and we came up with a series of blogs to help you take control of your devices!

So we kick off today with…

Rugged Cases

Believe it or not but we don;t actually walk around with Motorola MC65’s as our own personal phones! we all have various smartphones, but here at RUgged and Mobile we also spend our fair share on cases to see which ones are the best.  The simple truth is that we’ve been through every otterbox, Lifeproof, ballistic, leather or nylon case there is over the years so we know the difference they can make.

The Smartphone view

The fact is they simply work.  Drop your iPhone and it breaks, drop it with a Lifeproof case on and it is fine.  What’s more, my iPhone 3GS looks like new after spending the last 2 years in a case.  Result is that my iPhone 5 now costs me £150 less because I could sell my old phone on Ebay for far more!

Cases can be waterproof too.  I’ve swam with my iPhone using the Lifeproof case and the waterproof earphones it recommends.  It really was that waterproof as long as I stayed on the surface which is remarkable.  It does make you wonder if a case can really make a difference?  I’ve also dropped my HTC one X+ many times in it’s Otterbox but it still remains beautifully new and working so why go rugged and drag about a 2 tonne brick?

The Rugged view

Cases are great, but only as an improvement to a rugged PDA or rugged tablet that has to be built rugged from the nuts and bolts up, to be truly rugged.  Also remember that to be rugged there are all sorts of other tests like parts, repair and roadmaps being available too.  However a good case will not only improve your rugged PDA’s life, it will increase its resale value, stop you dropping it, protect it from the elements better and can improve your usability of the device too.

We say cases are great, but they’re not a way of making a non rugged smartphone, truly rugged!

Tomorrow we’ll continue with IP ratings and waterproofing…

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