We’re all suffering a bit from writers block this morning so one thing I’ve been thinking of writing about for a while is the purpose behind a Rugged PDA case.

Why do you need a case if the PDA is rugged from the start?  Well there are a number of different reasons and I’ll list them here.

1. Extra Ruggedness

Believe it or not a rugged PDA still has weaknesses, what about the screen when not in use?  A case will sort that!  Also being in case will stop you dropping your device too.

2. Ergonomics

Cases can offer extra straps, handles, stylus or pen holders, belt clips and tethers offering many different ways to use the device.  Different types of case can offer ergonmics of use for your particular scenario.

3. Carrying and transport

Cases can be clipped to belts, hung from shoulder straps, carried with a handle or offer protection whilst in the toolbox.

4. Extended device protection

A good case will stop your rugged pda from aging, protecting against general wear and tear and scratches which means your devices could be worth more at the end of their life with you or even last longer.

5. Less opportunity to lose

Because the case is usually clipped to you or carried with a strap, it’s far less likely you’ll put the rugged PDA down and lose the device.

We sell a range of manufacturer and bespoke unique cases here at Rugged and Mobile, we can even design them for you with logo’s and bespoke design.  Come talk to us anytime about cases as they can really make a difference.

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4 Responses

  1. paul sherrard

    Consider the Motorola ES400. Is there a protective case that you DONT have to remove while using the manufacturer’s Vehicle cradle/charging kit?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Paul, So you bought ES400’s then did you! Yes indeed we have one here , it is designed to just pop open at the bottom quickly and then it will sit in the Es400 vehicle holder perfectly!

  2. PaulT

    The leather flip cases on the ES400 are very good, these don’t fit into the car holder though. They have a clip on them too and were only 29 quid.

    • ruggedandmobile

      These are similiar but they are am standard fit leather case and they don;t fit into the holder. You need a specific case for the holder friendly one.