With all the changes we’ve been doing the past few weeks I thought it was time to meet all the hardware manufacturers we work with. Times are changing and the way hardware manufacturers want to sell is getting desperate in some cases but in our opinion a great hardware reseller is worth their weight in gold if they can help you reduce all your risks before and after buying your hardware. If you go to our main website you can find all kinds of information on each manufacturer but here we’ll try to be more candid, transparent and opinionated, just like a blog should be! Over the last 12 months we’ve clearly moved away from some brands and gotten closer to others and we’ll tell you why and we’ll also try to give each supplier some good rational reasons why they compliment each other and why we’re not just selling everything any more!

Why reduce brands?

We have a website? shelf space is infinite? Why not just add all the brands?  Well we actually still do test and play with everything and we brought you what we felt were the best.  We also found that we simply had too many devices that we could deliver deeply on and without deep expert knowledge of the hardware and the manufacturer it puts customer deployments at risk so we decided to focus down on the right number of brands.

Is Rugged and mobile still impartial?

Oh yes, you bet!  and if you ever came here and met us you’d know that was still core to what we say and do. Passionate at times…yes!, but always transparent and honest. But, how do we remain impartial if not selling everything?  Well like I said above, we still test and play with everything, we still check to see if the channel is honest and fair and we still aim at giving customers hardware, expertise and support they can rely on over years not for the sale. We’re still impartial, we just decided to stop selling what we thought was not providing this to customers, so you’ll still see other hardware in our tests.

Our brands

I’ve listed the brands we’ll be covering right here and i’ll link to them as we go along.















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