This weeks big Rugged PDA issue for us here has been about Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and why WM6.1 applications do not necessarily port to 6.5.3 in the way they should.

The issue is best demonstrated by this short video.

We’re not getting much in the way of help from large software companies who have failed to see or test this issue on their applications.  They seem either too embarrassed to admit the issue exists, focussing on WP7 now or just not bothered!!  So we went about trying to resolve the issue in a way we can for our customers.

Our solution is to offer both WM6.5.1 and WM6.5.3 on devices that are built with WM6.5 and so far Pidion have been great at coming forward with a build for us that gives us and our users the choice of not only using apps with the issue shown above, but allowing their users to stick with the more Stylus oriented OS rather than the Finger oriented one.  We’re already testing this new OS on the Pidion BM170 now.

I think this demonstrates just how different the rugged PDA market is to the “shiny” smartphone one.  We regard PDA’s as business tools critical to run a process, not as shiny cool new toys that users will love.

There are not only a heck of a lot of applications that are finger unfriendly in this market but people wearing gloves and needing to take signatures who are complaining, quite rightfully in my view, like mad too!!

Come talk to us here if you want to know more.

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  1. Rex

    is this the reason my software will not close windows down? I rely on the cross at the top right of the screen but this has gone and I use the screen where the round cross button seems it should be?

    Thanks in advance.