The last Mobile OS we’re going to talk about from Microsoft as part of our best Mobile OS’s blog hasn’t yet been released formally and is also not strictly a pure mobile OS either.  However Windows 8 will run on tablets and it will bring something new to the market, changing how we will work nt he future too so it will be a bit of a game changer but only in the Tablet arena.

We all know how much Microsoft has suffered the past few years with the adoption of “Mobile.”  This is because Microsoft is a desktop and server business, wanting all the power on the desktop, whereas OS suppliers like Apple and Android especially are pure “mobile” bred operating systems built for mobile.  HOwever Windows 8 will change this.

Not only will Windows 8 run on your desktop, being the next in line to be installed on your trusty laptop, but it will also run on X86 based tablets too.  So this means that horrible Windows 7 tablet experience is about to get a whole lot better.  It indeed asks the question of why we need anything else on our tablet at all and it will blur the line between needing a separate tablet and Laptop as a proper Intel X86 tablet should be powerful enough to do it all.

Add to this Windows RT will be a lighter weight version of Windows 8 that will have a more closed off app store experience to it so there will be a version of the OS that will be completely open and programmable, and 1 that will be very Android/Apple in its nature too.  If they can get these to run well together then who knows…?

The Pro’s of Windows 8

  1. Well it’s basically just “Windows” so it’ll be the next incarnation that we’ll all pick up.
  2. It’ll be open, powerful and will support the full WPF layers of .NET so creating mobile applications for tablets will perhaps mean just creating focussed windows or web solutions.
  3. You will have a full X86 powerful hardware that will be totally agnostic in its nature as it’s just PC architecture so solutions will run well, be super powerful and should work really well.
  4. It will give a very good, open and familiar alternative to Android Tablet’s.

Con’s of Windows 8

This is really in terms of rugged don’t forget so I think:

  1. It might not be the best OS for a rugged mobile tablet.  All this power might be more than we need right now over-complicating things.
  2. Will the X86 nature of W8 just mean the devices will be too expensive, too big, to power hungry for the mobile world?  Not sure on that one?
  3. OK so we have WRT but if it’s not open and takes a more Apple approach then will it suffer from all the same issues that WIndows Phone 7/8 has?
  4. Microsoft will still have 2 different OS’s on Tablets and Rugged PDA’s.  Why can’t we have 1 OS for everything? Apple manages it.

Our thoughts on Windows 8 being Rugged

I think Windows 8 is going to be hugely anticipated.  I know that us folk in the rugged market are really not liking the Android wave and this will help us get a bit more stable in our market right now but I am also worried about the strategy and if it truly does work for end users and solution providers in the mission critical / rugged market.  We really need people like Microsoft to commit to the longer term rather than cash in on the shorter term so lets see what happens!

The next blog we’ll look at the biggest rival in the Rugged Market, with a look at Android.

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