The mobile web browser on your mobile android device is probably one of the most used apps on it, unyet very often businesses spend very little thought on which one they will install and use.  The beauty of Android is that there’s always an alternative, often better app so why is it that we all tend to stick to Chrome when it coes to the web browser or worse still, use the built in Android browser!!

Raptor R5 and Nexus 5x not running Chrome!!

Raptor R5 and Nexus 5x not running Chrome!!

We actually strip out the Android mobile web browser from our Raptor R5 because there’s basically not much good about it and we install Chrome as the standard one.  We do this because we know that Chrome is basically a pretty great product that’s supported and designed to work with Android but is it really the best web browser you can use for your phone?

The guys over at Android authority asked the same question and did some testing of their own and we found the exact same results on our development Google 5X’s as well as our own Raptor devices too and our results were the same as AA’s.

Android web browser speed test results

Android web browser speed test results – smaller is better!


We were astounded at just how much difference using the Puffin mobile web browser to Chrome actually was.  Not only were the speeds lower using the Mozill Kraken testing tool but using the browser was noticibly faster too and over the period of a few days it didn’t seem to slow down either.

Not the whole mobile web browser story

However what we also noticed was that the Puffin explorer did use extra  memory and this went up with each tab we opened on the browser too.  In fact the above chart was almost reversed when it came to memory so it seems that there’s an honest trade-off to be had here.  If you want faster browsing but at the cost of using more RAM memory then go for the Puffin browser.  However if you want the memory at the cost of speed then Chrome still seems to have it in the bag!  Good news is that all of these browsers are free to use so download them fro the play store and see which one you like most.




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