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We all know that Androids app store is now the largest mobile app store available, but it’s also the sheer quality of the apps that has really caught my eye.  Now before I go on I’m going to just re-emphasise that I’m actually a Microsoft boy but one who’s also used nothing but an iPhone since they were launched too so I know just how good an app has to be to beat the iPhone experience.

However having just spent the evening converting from my iPhone 4 to a brand new HTC one x plus, I simply found the whole experience the same kind of wonderous one I had when I first used my iPhone. Really odd but this was largely down to the apps being better on the android…… A lot better in some instances.

One thing I have noticed is that apps on android simply scale up to the size of the LCD. Not only one way but they also scale totally flexibly both ways and the apps looked as good on a 3.2″ screen as they did on the gorgeous 4.8″ screen of my HTC.

Now this is a real benefit over a windows mobile app because it means it removes one of the major obstacles of changing your PDA.  So not only ar the apps written far more robust when it cones to reformatting for screen size  and dimension, but the apps built are so much better than anything else which means for business you’re going to be drawn to Android for the sake of the usability of the app too.

Don’t believe me then I challenge you to write this blog on your windows mobile device or even your iPhone (I’ve been trying for years!)….. I just did the whole on my android device, photo included!

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