So a really quick one today, to continue our top 10 reasons why Android is great (Especially on rugged Android Handhelds)!, we’re looking at toggle buttons!

OK, OK, so toggle buttons are nothing new and if we’re being totally honest they were made beautiful first by IOS and the iPhone and are only available from build 16 of Android onwards (4.1), but they interestingly they really do make an application on a mobile phone far easier to work with.

The toggle button is basically an ON/OFF or True/False control but instead of being in an option style, which can be fiddly and is more stylus oriented, you just have 1 toggle button to press.  They’re used everywhere in mobile applications, they’re very mobile and they’re cool!

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2 Responses

  1. Steven Wolfrey

    WTF is your problem? how the f**ck is that an argument for “Top 10 reasons why Android’s Great”. Every mobile operating system have Toggle Buttons and in most of them they are better than Android’s!! And I mean, Windows Phone, iOS and even Blackberry! Stupid page.

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Steven, if you’ve lived in the Windows Mobile rugged world for 15 years then you’d probably think a toggle button was witch craft! We actually asked our customers and this is one of the reasons that got in to the top 10. Don’t forget that the series was written very much from a “look how different/better Android is than Windows Mobile” stance which has been pretty much the incumbant OS in the rugged market for years. You often need to take our blogs in context of Rugged, and in this case also Windows mobile.