So yesterday we spoke about the apps and the flexible screen sizes.  Today it’s all about the Operating System baby!  Or more to the point, the fact there is only 1 OS that fits everything.

Android a brief history

The Android OS is much mis-understood and even we might have got the versioning mixed up in our minds until recently (Sorry!).  However the common mis-conception is that there are 2 OS’s for Android…1 for the PDA or smartphone and one for rugged tablets!  Up to Version 4.0 that was largely true.  We saw the V2.x branch continuing along with a new v3.x branch being tailored for Tablets and indeed only ever found on them too and this seemed to fit the same model as IOS and other Operating systems too.  However the clue’s in the name “Ice Cream Sandwich”, which as the name suggests, was the Android OS that brought them both back together.  It also explains why we saw V2.4 on the roadmap and also called Ice Cream Sandwich before it seemed to vanish into the ether!

So we shouldn’t see any more development on the V2.x line, with all devices now coming out with 4.1 or 4.2 as we speak (Jelly Bean).

Why is 1 OS so good?

Clearly 1 OS for everything is good idea but exactly how does this help developers and business users?  Here are the main points for us:

  • 1 target platform to develop against for smartphone, Android rugged PDA and tablet users.
  • Reduced support as we only have 1 OS.
  • Training issues are reduced as the Android tablet and smartphone becomes the same device from an OS perspective.
  • Reduced complexity for those needing items such as Hosted USB for example, well you can plug it in if you need it.
  • Reduced Mobile Estate variety – How many other OS’s do you know where your Rugged, smartphone and tablet estate can all use the same OS?

We’ll continue tomorrow, see you there!

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