I thought id’ post out the latest mobile operating system market share this morning. Lets see what we can make of this!

Android still continues to take global market share, however it is seeing growth halting in developed nations where brand and more expensive devices are bought.

IOS market share is still dropping and heading for single digit figures and this drop is largely accoutnable for by the way cheaper Android phones are being driven into economies like India and China.  However IOS is still strong in developed nations and still has an unusually high data usage when compared to other phones, so people really use them!

Windows Phone 8 market share actually dropped back to 2.5% again so it seems Microsoft is not really making any gains again, possibly due to not all that much happening with the OS over the past year.

Blackberry has not been able to stem it’s fall from grace at all with further huge reduction in market share and interestingly even the “others” category has reduced so OS’s like Tizen, have not made any impact at all.  I think with the launch of the Android One concept and further innovation from major players with Watches and payments provision might spell the end of any other OS growing but we’ll see.

What will be interesting is to see if all the IOS 8.0 and iPhone 6 hype helps Apple make up ground in Q3/Q4 but whats for sure is that Android has a serious grip on global Mobile OS market share now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be going anywhere, any time soon!

I think that goes for the rugged market too.  Right now Android is the only OS that has a genuine committed and communicated roadmap that’s fully supported and until Microsoft actually start to tell us what’s going on with Windows Embedded 8 I can’t see that changing!  All I know is that we’re now selling more Android based kit than Microsoft now and I can;t see that trend changing.


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