Our Mission Critical Mobile Solutions series ends today with a final look at all the little extras you’ll get with a rugged PDA that you just don’t find on a smartphone.  Some of these can seriously make a huge difference to the success of your Mobile solution.

Persistent Storage

Rugged PDA’s have a persistent storage area, some configurable in size, that are designed to be used in order to make your solution more resilient to hard resets and wiping of data.  These areas can be used to store anything from data to applications that will remain on the device if tampered with or rebooted in the field.

Boot Sequences

Coupled with Persistent storage you can alter what gets loaded up, what is locked and what the device can do.  It effectively turns the device into a resilient 1 job line of business tool.

OS Image Building

Some Rugged PDA manufacturers will allow you also rebuild to a degree the actual OS build they have on.  if you want a particular application to be totally resilient and actually built into the OS, this can be done.

Alternative OS’s

Some (not all) Rugged PDA’s can even give you a choice of OS to put on the device making for the ability to chop and change from say French versions to UK versions and even between Windows Mobile versions.


Most rugged PDA manufacturers come with a KIOSK application, usually free these are apps that tend to have to be written and targeted to specific Rugged PDAs and the will lock down and only allow the applications that an admin user has allowed.  This means you can stop users browsing the internet, making calls or from playing with the setting of the devices too.

Data Capture applications

Pre-installed these allow you to use the basic barcode, RFID and even camera functions of the PDA.

A lot of manufacturers also bundle many applications on their devices to help with basic POD and tasks all of which can lead to greater efficiency.

OK, that’s it folks we all hope you enjoyed the series on what it takes to be Mission critical in a mobile world.  Monday we’ll be talking about something fresh and new!  have a great weekend and see you then!

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