Now don’t get me wrong, i’m a Microsoft guy through and through which is why I get so annoyed when I see stories like this. I think Microsoft are still trying to find their feet in the mobile market. They have a brand issue, they don’t understand mobile and they’ve all but forgotten us in the rugged market and I say that knowing full well about W8 Embedded Handheld!

Microsoft get one thing right though. Providing powerful ways to generate content and to try to focus on power being on the PC or tablet or phone and I think they’ve still got this attitude running through their veins.  The big question is whether this is still relevant in the mobile and cloud “connected user” era we live in today?  I personally don’t think so and I think we’re all tried of the muscle flexing and “shots across the bows” too.

I think Apple bundled their iWork apps for free because of the pressures of the “Free App” mentality and I don’t think it’s anything to do with Microsoft. The fact that people now have a free Office-like suite on their ipads is a by product of the real reason and probably one that will help them but it’s not the reason why they did it.

My opinion on Microsoft?  Well I think they have got to start to behave like the company they are, not what they think they still are or want to be. Its not the young new fresh kid on the block any more. It’s more like the George Clooney of the industry. He’s still cool, he’s still relevant, he still gets the juicy film roles and even gets a nomination now and then so why don’t Microsoft ,take a leaf out of his book and stop trying to be the “brat” of the market. We all moved on from that.

Oh and by the way, we sell a Microsoft based product every single day here on rugged PDA’s or via one of our software products. When was the last time you came and asked us our opinion? Apple do every 6 months and we don’t even sell their kit!

I rest my case.


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