A large part of what Rugged and Mobile does is resell rugged mobile hardware, so it might make you wonder why it is that we set ourselves a strategy for the next 3 years where we are getting £0 income from hardware.  It’s not quite what it might seem but certainly a frightening prospect for someone who “resells” any product I guess?  More and more other people are re-selling and the ocean we’re selling in is becoming redder and redder as the prices go through the floor.  Anyone who’s in a similar market will know what I mean.

It doesn’t stand still. For instance we have distributors trying to resell and resellers trying to distribute.  I mean what do you do when you’re up against someone who buys at distributor pricing and sells direct based upon that?  Seems clever at first…. Seems wrong after a while….turns out it’s plain stupid.  If a market is run to the bottom, the experts go, the passion goes, the profit goes for everyone and the brand advocacy goes with it.  It makes no sense to have all of nothing, when you could have part of something, running any market to the floor is illogical.

So we ask today, are you finding the right partners that make you’re business remarkable?

  • You might have bought your latest Motorola ES400 for under £400 but does that make your solution remarkable?
  • You  may have drilled your reseller down to single digit margins but does that give your relationship and in turn product a platform to build upon?
  • You might have 15 people all vying for your tender, just to get the brand name on their case study list… but where has that got you in the past and where does that take you in the future?
  • You might see your hardware as a cheap platform for software developers to build on but what about the people who have always loved you for your hardware? It’s no less complex than it is today.

All I’m saying is that the world has changed, it’s about being remarkable, gaining trust and permission and creating stories that spread.  What stories are spreading about you and have you got partners in place that make them fascinating?

Are you working with a reseller who’s able to help you be remarkable?

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