Android Rugged PDA’s – The Race is On

Having just done a series on what it takes to be a rugged PDA, I thought I’d share with people where the rugged market stands on Android Rugged PDA’s right now.

At the moment there is technically nothing commercially available, however the Pidion BIP-6000 is supposed to be here very soon, with eternal and frustrating delays occurring all the time, and the Pidion BM170 is also to follow.  Why Pidion didn’t do this with the BM170 first is beyond me really, its more suitable to an android scenario and is less complex to deal with in terms of an SDK’s required but there we go!

But at the moment there is nothing launched, so in our opinion Pidion can’t yet take the prize of being the first Rugged PDA with Android in the UK.

There is a new contender to this prize in the Rock 5 which is a small, IP67, droppable rugged PDA that’s around the £350 mark , includes an NFC RFID reader and is actually quite good.  This is due to be on sale 1st April and if talks here go to plan it will be regarded by us as a fully rugged solution so the race is on.

We have heard reports of Skye launching an Android version of their Dart but like the Pidion, this has actually got to be commercially available and buyable!  Anyone out there who has anything to add on this would be gratefully received on our comments section!

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2 Responses

  1. markoppenheim

    I thought the Trimble Nomad had been available for a while running Android, or is that also unavailable in practice?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi There, as far as we know this is something that has been customised by a reseller, rather than a fully backed manufacturer Android device and it’s not available in the UK through the Trimble channel standard channel.