We’ve had a few people ask about the latest buzz surrounding the newest Android One operating system so here’s our take on what the OS is.  Firstly you can go here to check out the Google page.

The problem with smartphones is that they’re expensive, even budget priced ones around the $200 mark are still out of reach by the many billions of people who live outside the western world, so how are these people able to join the mobile revolution and start getting access to smartphone features that you and I probably take for granted?  Well this is where Android One (AO) comes in. In a nutshell AO is and hardware package that’s designed to get as many people accessing data via a smartphone with a few key features built in that optimise Android for people outside of the western world.

Addressing key barriers—hardware, software and connectivity

Google stated at the latest I/O conference that there are 3 reasons why people in poorer or more remote countries find it hard to connect to the internet:

  1. Access to the hardware itself is too expensive
  2. Access to the latest Android OS and apps are not available.
  3. 3G/4G can be expensive or even not available.
The Answer

By providing reference designs for hardware Google has made it easier to build new smartphones that have decent specifications and also have features that people in poorer countries find useful, such as Dual SIMs, replaceable batteries, torches  and FM radios.

Add to this Google have made the latest Android operating systems available to these handsets directly

Do I need to worry?

In a nutshell no! The programme is only being rolled out to countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines and South Asian countries, its not for use in the Western world.  However most of the key hardware players are getting involved as they see significant growth occurring in manufacturers who have already embraced the Android One programme.

We actually like the concept of Android One for the Rugged market because it also controls the OS builds that are put onto the devices.  We’re seeing too much customisation of OS in the rugged market so this could be the answer for us too? Maybe?


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