Winmate e430 – How to configure and spec

We’ve been selling the Winmate line of rugged handhelds for some months now and today I wanted to run people through the Winmate e430, specifically how you can spec it.  The e430 is a unique proposition in the rugged market with 4.3″ LCD and it’s one of the only rugged PDA’s we know of that’s been designed firstly for Android.  It puts a fully rugged device in your hands from as little as £400 but it also offers built in barcode scanner and RFID reader options it can be specced from a simple rugged smartphone to fully fledged rugged business tool.

Choose your spec!

Whilst the device is great, the line up is confusing so lets clear this up here.  The Winmate e430 comes in 2 main flavours; the e430T and the 430M.  Both configs come with Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS as standard, however the rest you can configure.

Base technology

Now these are actually the mainboards you’re specifying here with the e430M brining a 600MHz single core architecture that will be good enough for most but has a definite price advantage.  Choose the e430T if you need added performance as it brings an A8 Cortex 1GHz chip, up their with the latest tech.

Choose operating systems

You can spec Windows Mobile on the e430T only as it requires the extra power to run, however you can spec Android 2.3 on either base platform.

To 3G or not to 3G

Now decide whether you want 3G embedded or not allowing you to use the Winmate e430 as a full blown phone and 3G data capable device or remove the cost if working inside with now need for 3G.

Add barcode scanners

Now you can add a 1D laser scanner or 2D imager to the device.  These scanners are built in and add a small bump onto the back case.  It’s hardly there and means you have a


Now choose if you want RFID.  You can spec RFID along side the scanner and this gives you an HF RFID reader/writer capable of Mifare and NFC communication.

Antimicrobial case

You can have all of this in the standard rugged case or a specialised antimicrobial one for laboratory or hospital use.

Choose your support

We support Winmate from right here in Liverpool, so whether if you rely on the 12 month warranty or choose a more comprehensive service pack as good as anything you can get from Motorola then you know you have someone in the UK working along side you.

Getting the spec right of any device can be a make or break thing and many people don’t know what their options are.  Now at least for the Winmate e430 you know but if you need a little more then just come to us and ask!

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2 Responses

  1. Larry Silverman

    Android 2.3? Have you seen any rugged Android devices that support Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Larry, The only devices we know of that are rugged and support 4.0+ are the Mitac MIOwork A90 and A100/A105 PDA’s and the Mitac Ulmo 7″ Tablet which can be specced in 2.3 or 4.0. None of these have a Phone/3G though.

      We sell Mitac and will be adding these devices to our range as soon as we have tested and OK’d them.

      The argument rugged providers use for 2.3 is that there isn’t really all that much (in their eyes) that changed in 3 and 4 for business users, with most updates favouring the smartphone user. We’d argue against that, especially if you’re trying to do anything with NFC and secure WiFi but there we go.