Rugged PDA Evaluations

Rugged PDA Evaluations – Helping stop the confused customer

The Rugged PDA market is becoming more and more complex every day and a rugged PDA is no longer a choice of 2 or 3 devices.  Semi rugged PDA’s, Slim rugged PDA’s, small rugged PDA’s, cheap rugged PDA’s,

As mobile data capture becomes more important to businesses we’re seeing a growing number of device come on to the market, plugging all the gaps but all Rugged PDA’s come with their own little quirks, form factors and options which means more confused customers!

Well I don’t like confused customers and this is where the evaluation comes in.  OK, now we can’t send everyone buying 1 device an evaluation and please don’t expect us to loan you a demo for 2 months to get your software sorted with no intention of buying mas we’ll spot you a mile off! But genuine businesses with a genuine need can expect to see a range of devices from us that they can use in their own environment with their own users in their own time.

We also encourage you to get your users involved early and to feedback to us as much as you can because we’ll be working on finding the device that’s right for your solution.

This way everyone is happy and your end solution works first time.

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