Big screens on a mobile device are great. A 4.5″ screen or larger will give you a superb experience whether you’re a consumer, business or enterprise user with apps looking clear and easy to use. Screens are so cheap now that the size doesn’t impact the repair costs, different aspect ratios are catered for easily in Android so apps will stretch and fit gracefully unlike their Windows Mobile counterparts and there’s no wonder why there’s a drive in every aspect of mobile usage to devices with bigger screens.

But there is one draw back that business and enterprise users need to be aware of and that’s resolution.  What I mean specifically is the number of pixels that your device has here. But surely the more pixels, the better I hear you say?  Well actually that’s not necessarily true and it’s all to do with something that’s way more important than screen size… namely battery life.

Each pixel on a screen requires power to run and the more you have, the more power you need to run the screen.  So running something like a Samsung Note 3 with a 1080×1920 pixel screen will take a lot more battery power than a rugged Android phone with 540×960, in fact a lot less and running something with a 4K or quad HD screen (1440×2560 pixels) are so far reporting huge battery issues.  No wonder iPhones with their retina display need charging all the time!!

Whilst consumers viewing the latest film and movie resolutions on the go is probably a great thing to consider, business and enterprise applications don’t really call for super high “retina” or 4K display sizes to work really well so remember whilst some features are important to run efficiently, screen resolution is something a business should probably not be looking to be cutting edge with if battery life is important to your users.



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