So Rugged PDA service and repair starts with warranty but one of the most common questions we get, and indeed often the hardest sell, is all about the service product.  I say this is the hardest sell for us because I think too many customers think warranty covers them against more than they think it does, and the service product is very little understood.

However we know it’s often the best way to ensure a robust solution for many years which ultimately saves lots of money and keeps your business running down the line.  Below is a slide we use here a lot when we present to customers that shows you the basic differences between warranty and support.  Let me take you through a few of them here:

Warranty will not cover you for “wear and tear”, a service product takes this into account as it does any repair bills, parts and labour should anything go wrong.  A service product also covers you for accidental breakages.  LCD cracks are still the most common injury a PDA suffers in its life and the typical cost of a 3 year service product, is usually the same as the cost of repairing an LCD so it can be very worthwhile and cost-effective having it.

The service product also comes with an SLA.  Unlike many SLA’s we stand by the ones we deliver against here with penalties built-in so you know we are motivated at the least to repair your kit quickly.  Service products can also be the basis of much more, they can be tailored, adding in extra features or special ones that fit your business and mobile solution better.  It also forms the basis of anything that we can offer through a “managed Service” which starts to look at more proactive elements of service, which stops things going wrong in the first place.

In nutshell Warranty is a mechanism to ensure your rugged PDA is as described and of a quality of manufacturer.  A Service is about keeping your business running.

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