As we continue our series on unravelling Rugged PDA service we take a look at what this thing called “Managed Services” is exactly!

First remember that everything tends to come with a warranty, on top of that you can typically then buy a “service” product that increases the levels of care and service you get.  However this is often not quite enough which means you might be a candidate for a managed service.

The Classic Managed Service

Classically a managed service is all about outsourcing your technical support into somewhere else.  Typically larger customers have done this where costs and outsourcing have been a driver but also where perhaps mobile or PDA expertise is also lacking, despite a large IT base.  Managed services usually requires some kind of service product to sit on top of and can be heavily tailored but usually consists of some kind of:

  • Helpdesk – Where your end users will be able to get help, action repairs and deal with an engineer directly.
  • Remote support which allows support to be delivered without the need to bring workers in to the depot or office.
  • Managed rugged PDA pool – Which allows for increased SLA’s for repairs and also further sales.
  • Dedicated desks, engineers and personal.
  • Continued provisioning and deployment of devices.
  • Reporting – Which can be anything form a simple monthly report to general meetings with customer service teams.
  • There should also be some kind of pro-active element for customers which ensures customer solutions can grow and any potential issues are resolved before they become a problem.

Of course you can tailor a managed service to your hearts desire to fit your business exactly but the above are the main building blocks of the product you can expect to see.

We’re seeing  push down into managed Services where customers who wouldn’t normally qualify for this kind of service are asking for elements of it.  As costs to deliver such services reduce, the opportunities exist to start offering higher levels of managed services to smaller and smaller customers.  Come and talk to us here if you want to know more.

It’s all about letting someone who understands the rugged and mobile scenario come in and run your solution for you.

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