Blame it on the Olympics or my sheer old fashioned patriotism but I’m going to talk about why having a UK-based rugged pda repair centre is perhaps not so great for the supplier, but awesome for the customer.  This is part 4 of our top 5 tips on rugged PDA repair.

Rugged PDA Repair UK location

I’ve been involved in some of the largest IT service centres, shucks I was even on the team that put a rather large IT companies in years ago… and I saw it subsequently go out to India, losing 100’s of jobs here.  Guess what, whatever the “Managers” tell you in these cases, the service takes a nose dive.  So why are we faced with these “Pan European” or off shored call centres and repair centres?  Well that’s easy, it saves the supplier money and the 3 people at the top, along with the shareholders get rich, whilst everyone else, including even the customers it seems, toil and struggle!

There I said it, we all knew it anyway, we’ve just been taught to shut up these days, age of ignorance blah, blah, blah!….

It’s nothing to do with Czech’s or Indians, South Africans or Mexican’s being any less skilled, in fact some of the best engineers I have met were when I was in India but the location does make a difference.

Main benefits of UK-based repair centre

In a way being local is the backbone to everything else working to an excellent standard.

Communication – You get spoken to as a person, not a number which means you can help resolve issues the best way, which is the collaborative way.  I can’t even speak to engineers of the manufacturer lead service centres, Some are taking 10 weeks to fix kit right now and the Managers don’t even call me back.

Speed of repair – If we have no SLA driven repairs for the day then we repair the warranty kit.  Some of this is being done in 24 hours.  Local british services don;t tend to work to processes like off shored ones do where the control has been passed on (but not really).

Lower postage costs – Either you post to a UK-based point which then posts your device on, which adds on time, or you have to post to a european country.  You can send a rugged PDA next business with £500 insurance for £6.35.  Have you tried using an ad hoc courier to Germany recently?

Environmental improvements – Why are we sending kit so far away?  Think just how much fuel and CO2 that’s using?

A listening Repair centre – Much more inclined to listen and change.  How do you tell a large repair centre that s outsourced to change?

Responsibility – We have to do well because our service depends on it.  We’ve not tied you in, we’re not the only place you can go and we like it like that.  The better our competition will be, the better customers will be served.

Access to expertise – You need to be able to talk to people who not only have the skills, but are willing to share them.  Local repair centres will not be scripted and the ad hoc questions will be catered for far better.

Offshore’s bad rep– I want to live in a world where we don’t group ourselves by geography, it’s coming but we’re not there yet.  The fact is non-uk repair centres have a bad rap, they deserve the bad rap and so you immediately have your hackles up when you find out.

British jobs – We need the money to stay in our country if things are going to get better.  No-one can a job right now, well, we’re hiring right now.  If our service grows, then we make another job.

I could go on, but these were the top areas that we were told by customers.

tomorrow we’ll round this off with a look at transparency and honesty!

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