So as part of our celebration launching Rugged Rescue, our new repair centre, this week we thought we’d blog out our top 5 tips on rugged PDA repair.

Rugged PDA Repair Speed

PDA Repair speed is the number 1 feature our customers ask us about.  A service contract will give you an SLA, usually 2-3 days but you have to buy this extra expense up front, and often it’s not affordable or it’s simply not the right choice for you.

So what do you get or should you get if you don’t have a service contract?  Well typically we can only go on the figures we have for manufacturer lead repair and the picture isn’t pretty.  It’s rare to get anything back in under 3 weeks, 6 is considered normal, 9-12 is not unusual for Psion right now so it’s important to know this up front.

BUT… That’s not the whole story when it comes to speed….

Repair centre location

Is paramount to speed, and often costs.  If it’s outside the UK, the delivery time will take longer.

Repair process

How complex is the process to log a repair?  Is it a nice website with an innovative way to log and track or is it still using an old-fashioned, fill out 5 forms method?  Is the distributor involved just adding more complexity?  It never fails to amaze me just how long it can take to just raise an RMA with some manufacturers just because of a shot through process, probably written by people who have never worked in support.


No one’s perfect, and not all Rugged PDA repairs are a cracked screen, some are more weird and wonderful than that!  So make sure you can have a dialogue with you repair centre.  Can you talk to engineers or at least someone with knowledge of your issues and you with a bit of technical knowhow?  More on this later as it’s in the top 5 on its own.

So you can see there’s a lot more to repairs than meets the eye, always ask your reseller what they do before you buy.

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