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Rugged PDA Repair Parts Availability

As with speed, having PDA Repair parts is essential to delivering a great repair service.  In fact it’s actually one of the main foundation blocks to create a speedy service at all.  Repair centre parts stock is also something that is required to enable the delivery of SLA driven comprehensive services and we often wonder how some repair centres get away with only ordering on parts they require.  So what do you look for and what do you ask about?

Parts on the shelf

We stock almost 100% parts of some devices here and yes it does cost money to order up front and then have parts on the shelf not being used as quickly as we want.  but this is the way you deliver consistent, great repair services.  We take the risks, we don;t expect our customers to.  However, understanding the kit you’re repairing then you can be careful what to stock, what not to stock and to manage your kit effectively so we can keep our parts age down, but still deliver repairs of any type when we need to.

Whats available quickly?

We order parts every month but we always talk to our parts suppliers so we know what they have, how many they have and what can come quickly if required.  If we need to we can get a part in 3 days from anywhere in the world, fit it in hours, please the customer and still make a small(er) profit so everyone’s happy! which is the aim.  The trick is knowing where to go and to not be too greedy.

Communication when parts go missing

Most decent repair centres will have a good knowledge of your kit and with a well written problem description and a few choice questions they should know what your issue is and what parts are required.  However some times you get a glut of parts used in a week, sometimes the manufacturers don’t have them in stock and sometimes the part is rare or very old.  In this case accurate communication on what is needed, the potential cost and the time it will take to order in and repair is something that should be clearly delivered to the customer.

Like i said, parts are very important to a decent repair service so always ask about the parts when you log a case before you use the service.

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