We’re celebrating the re-launch of Rugged Rescue, our new PDA repair service, this week so we’re blogging out our top 5 tips on rugged PDA repair.

Rugged PDA Repair Communication

Good communication is often the difference when it comes to good service generally, but for a PDA Repair centre communication is essential.  And yet, so many repair centres do it so badly and the main ones are often the biggest, manufacturer lead ones.  So what do I feel is missing out there and where do I think communication is needed?

Up front Communication

This is a key factor for us at RAM.  We feel that customers should be told exactly what they’re getting and what they’re not going to get up front and all our services attempt to do this with Rugged Rescue being no different.  The process should be clear, the expectations honest and the pricing as transparent as possible.  Good communication should already be working at this point.

RMA Process

Good, solid and consistent advice on how to return a PDA is paramount to getting them here on time and so that they’re treated efficiently.  The customer should also be communicated to with any special requirements for the case logged and of course should get all the details of their case so they can track it.

Case Summary Communication

That’s where it usually ends for many repair centres, but we feel the customer should get a 24/7 case summary which shows an overview of the status, the stage and what’s been done and asked for.  It should be clear when the actions are on the customer.  Every note or addition to the case should be communicated via email too so customers have multiple ways to get their updates.

When it goes wrong

Everything goes wrong sooner or later and it’s about how you manage failure that makes you great.  COmmunication is a key aspect of this and if you;re honest, open and realistic with your communication it goes a long way to ensuring the customer is a little bit happier.  In the event of things going wrong, we like to know why not be honest!

Post Resolution

Sending the device back doesn;t mean communication ends!  A decent, printable report and invoice should be easily obtained, easy to question and for our own customers they get a panel showing them all of their cases histories for future reference.  Also what about a courtesy call to see how the device is performing before the parts warranty ends?  When was the last time you got ones of those?

communication came 3rd on our top list of features when we asked customers what they wanted so it’s obviously critical to a great repair service, we’ll continue this thread with the last 2 tips later in the week!

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