So today I wanted to talk about ones of the fundamental topics in support which is all about warranty and what you actually get with it on a rugged device.  You’ll probably have this conversation with any reseller worth their salt and it’s because if where you buy from care about your business at all, then the one thing that’s going to help you more than anything is getting the right level of support in place. With 85% of your mobile platform costs coming after the purchase you’ll hopefully see that getting this element right is important to your business and today i’m going to set out the main myths and expectations we have with warranty based support.

Warranty Myths!

1. Repairs are done quickly

Oh man, I mean if I got a £1 for every time someone sent in a 2 year old device out of warranty but still demanding to get it repaired in 24 hours I would be very rich! Warranty has no repair SLA and manufactures are trying to get everyone to buy service products so think about that too.  Repairs are typically completed in anything from 2-3 weeks up to 12 for some brands we (used) to sell.

2. Cracked screens are covered

To be honest nothing more than device defects are covered so anything that’s considered wear and tear or a customer failure is not covered under warranty.

3. Accessories are all covered

Again that’s a no.  Most accessories are covered for a month or 3 months at best.  if your cradle or cable breaks after 4 months it’s not covered.

4. Batteries are covered for 12 months

Batteries are not covered on even more comprehensive type support packs and the reason is that they can be easily damaged by how you use and store them.  Unless there’s an issue right from the moment you unpack the device, a battery will rarely get

5. I can swap my device if it’s faulty

This really is having your cake and eating it. Nothing gets swapped out unless it’s literally just been delivered and tested.  Then it can be considered a “dead on arrival.”

6. Because I bought 50 devices I can demand what I want…I’m a big customer after all!

If you spending nothing on your support, why should the reseller (who’s probably making single digit margins on the deal) bother with you?  Sure everyone needs the business right now but resellers also don’t need customers that cost them even more and good resellers with deep expertise are actually becoming harder and harder to find.

7. Advice and knowledge is part of the deal

Again, this is down to the reseller and we certainly try to help most of the time.  However, whilst a quick question on the GPS settings is something we’re happy to help with, replying immediately under pressure and then being tied up for half a day helping you understand barcode scanning is not part of the deal.

8. Firmware updates and OS based issues are covered

Unless you buy a managed service then you should be keeping your mobile platform up to date and should be doing the work to manage the OS yourself.  This one’s a really tricky one for many to understand but if you need help understanding and running a mobile device and Android or Windows Mobile then you should really be investing in that.

9. Access to all tools and updates as standard

Well not if you buy many brands, Motorola are big culprits of this restricting access to many of the tools pointed out in the sales literature and also making it really difficult to get hold of hot fixes and updates for certain status’ of warranty customers.  Be very careful on this one!

10. Warranty is a multi-year product

You know we also have plenty of customers who are only warranty based and it’s all they need because they have expertise and can take responsibility for their platforms.  However where even these guys can come unstuck is when the warranty runs out. All kinds of issues can happen for out of warranty rugged PDA’s.  For example parts and repairs can go end of life and access to any tools or updates can be restricted. If you need no messing support for multiple years then warranty is probably not the best option for many businesses.

The above is simply a transparent look into the main myths we came up with but warranty can also be a decent product for many businesses if deployed correctly.  We’ll take a look at that later on in the week.

What i’ll do next is talk about how we can address many of the above issues with a more comprehensive based support product.

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