I wanted to continue this series of blogs on Rugged PDA Repair and Service by answering the most common questions,

Rugged PDA Service Myth 1  – It’s Too Expensive

3 Year Service product typically costs less now than it does to repair 1 screen break.  Sure many devices won’t break at all in their 3 year usage time but at least service is well priced and the risk is certainly not influenced by the high cost.

Rugged PDA Service Myth 2 – Warranty is everything I need

We here this all the time where certain customers think the warranty will cover them for accidental damage, wear and tear, theft, loss and probably any eventuality god can throw at them!  We covered the differences on Warranty and Service right here so please go take a look as we don’t have a magic wand here, just magic service!!!

Rugged PDA Service Myth 3  – It won’t work for me

OK, yes we’re seeing some service products fail in our market but with the right manufacturer, right reseller and the right tailored service, you can practically make whatever service you need these days.

Rugged PDA Service Myth 4 – Is only for large companies or large purchase QTY’s

This is a common mis-conception.  You can buy a “Service Pack” for 1 rugged PDA, 100 Rugged PDA’s or 1000+.  We’ll certainly give you the same service and treatment whatever number of devices you buy a service product for.

Rugged PDA Service Myth 5 – I have to buy service up front and it’s too much time pressure to decide

Not true, everyone gives you 1 month from the date of your Rugged Handheld purchase, some 2 months and most do have an option to buy service after this.  It will cost you more and there are a few restrictions of course but it is easily applied after 2 months and every year?

 Rugged PDA Service Myth 6 – I have to buy 3 or 5 years up front

Most service products can be bought annually, again there might be some restrictions and cost associated with this and it can depend on how much you have claimed previously but you can do it.  We also have a range of other annually based products here that are all easily accessed on a per year basis.

Rugged PDA Service Myth 7 – I don’t have to worry about anything now that I can claim for anything any amount of times

Service, great as it is, should also not be seen as a magic bullet for you.  All Service products have “Abuse” clauses built-in and you should still take responsibility for your Rugged PDA’s and user behaviour because too many claims and if the issues are abusive in nature (Stylus stuck through screens!), if the PDA has seen damage it was not meant to be effective against (Water damage on Semi-rugged PDA’s) or if the service is just plain abused then we will need to talk.  remember it’s about protecting your business.  If you can’t be bothered, why should anyone else?

We’ll continue tomorrow with some of the most popular questions we commonly get asked.

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