Hi peeps just click here to see the index for the 5 tests that a rugged PDA should pass.  Today we’re talking about Service and Support.

This is one of the fundamental areas that a rugged PDA repair service needs to have that set’s it aside from smartphone type insurance.

Warranty might be all you need!

I know, I know, warranty is a basic service that’s free for 12 months with all rugged handhelds but for some let’s be honest, it’s often enough.  However even at this level a rugged PDA must have some kind of decent service.  There must be a warranty process to get the device fixed, it should take no more than a week in-house to be any good so ask about typical timings and it should also not have ridiculous pricing for all those necessary screen repairs etc.

Comprehensive Service

Warranty is all well and good bit a comprehensive service offering is something that sets rugged PDA’s aside too.  This brings a repair service that’s more TCO to the end-user adding shorter SLA’s usually 24 to 72 hours and it should cover any accidental damage, wear and tear and all bills for parts and labour too so you know you can get your rugged PDA fixed quickly and at no cost.  There are abuse clauses built-in to every contract and some manufacturers are getting a lot more stingy than others so again check that out to.

Helpdesk and Managed Services

A good reseller should be able to serve a managed helpdesk that’s designed to help not put up walls between you and people.  We have a portal that has a great self service area showcasing our expertise, we have a simple helpdesk for RMA’s and we can integrate this with all manner of systems if we need to.  We can create accounts for your team so that we can effectively mange your solution for you.  This is all part of being able deliver a mission critical mentality into the life of your solution, not just up front.

Access to technical expertise

Again this seems to fall on the shoulders of the reseller but I can’t stress enough how important technical expertise will be to you in order to keep your solution running. To give you an idea, this week alone we have helped with the following ( listed these knowing this blog was coming up!):

  1. BT pairing and Phone issue.
  2. Setting up policies for WEH6.5 for exchange server (they are very different to WM6.1).
  3. SDK help with an H300, ES400, MC65, Psion WAP
  4. COM port set-up and supply of connectors for bespoke leads.
  5. Barcode symbology selection advice and advising on the best PDA for that.
  6. Camera memory issue on WM6.5 devices.
  7. Hard resetting advice on multiple devices.
  8. OS update on BIP-6000 due to power issues on previous firmware.

All of the above is simple day-to-day stuff that we deal with, I’d like to see your mobile operator help on this!

I would also add that we feel an account contact is necessary for all sales made to businesses buying line of business rugged PDA’s.  You need to have someone who takes your business as seriously as you do.

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