Rugged PDA's - When things go wrong

Rugged PDA’s – When things go wrong

I believe Service and support will always be a difficult element of Rugged PDA’s to sell simply because it will always be something where the benefits are either unknown or never used.  Essentially any kind of “Insurance” type product is trying to tell you that if you spend a lot of money but then never use the service, then everything is great!!

Here at Rugged and Mobile we sell a lot of Rugged PDA Support these days but not the products you might think we do (and certainly not the products everyone else does!!).  Why?  Well every customer is truly different with vastly different needs for vastly different solutions and many also have different budgets.  What is for sure is that with mobile now the mainstream, usually running line of business applications, some kind of help is required at some stage during the life of an implemented solution.

I think the main issue is with education.  Customers need to know what help they  can get, how and when and they also want to know that if they don’t buy the service pack up front then there is still quality help at hand.    The second main issue we see is with the larger, older manufacturers taking a very “Told you so” approach to service/support.  Those who bought it seem to get help, with those that didn’t almost getting punished.  We here the same old lines from everyone so is clearly a corporate line at the moment.

What we clearly think here is that paying for a repair service you “might” use is often wrong but also paying £300 for an LCD repair is also clearly wrong and a-kin to the type of quote you get from a plasterer who simply doesn’t want the work from you.

So this week we’re going to break down the service and support element of Rugged PDA’s, right down to the bone!  We’re going to look at the differences in warranty and support, the various products you should be looking at and going through all the benefits of full support products with the areas you can perhaps side-step safely with us.  We’re also going to look at what happens at end of life, how the manufacturers products stack up as well as showing you why it is essential to maintain a contract with your reseller keeping them fully engaged along the whole life of your contract on any hardware solutions deployed.

Service is essential but we think the products available are confusing and aren’t hitting the spot in many cases so I hope this set of articles helps you find the right solutions and make the right decisions.

Article List:

1. What is Rugged PDA “Service” and how is it different from Warranty?

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