In the last blog we explored some of the issues that can cause rugged device downtime.  This blog talks about one of the tools you can use to help with many of these.

The process of locking a mobile device down is often referred to as “Kiosking” and the term comes from the very meaning of kiosk which is basically a PC or device that runs only 1 or a few apps.

What can a Kiosk app do for me?

Well the answer to that is quite a lot!  Lets explore some of the things a kiosk app can do right here:

Lock down

The most basic feature of a kiosk app is that it will lock a device down, often presenting the user with 1 blank screen with icons of the apps and setting s they can use.  Everything else is locked out making the mobile device more focussed on the tasks it was purchased to do. Not only can you can stop users from using things like the phone, texting, emails, web browsing etc but you can also stop them from tinkering with the settings of the device so they can’t tamper with things that can cause a device to stop working properly.


You can also set an app up to auto run so that the device constantly boots into the chosen app.  You’ll see a lot of solutions work like this, couriers for example usually have 1 app that just runs constantly on their devices.

Settings profiles

Some kiosk apps can export and then import settings so that you can set one device up and then copy those settings on all your other devices.  We use a tool here that can do this over the cloud too making remote installation a little bit (although not 100% ideal) easier.

Hard reset persistent

if done right you can also ensure that your kiosk app can stop users from hard resetting a device.  This not only stops users from accidentally wiping their device but it can also deter thieves if they know the device will be difficult to unlock.

Branding opportunities

You can also brand up your devices with custom screens etc so people can get that extra little bit of you when they see your users!


Kiosking is great if you have < 10 devices that 1 person can manage.  It’s also great if you have a device estate that is all in one place, say on one warehouse site.  However what if you have 200+ devices all over the continent?  Well this is where a pure Kiosk app starts to have limitations.  Even the most technical users will struggle to learn and use the cloud update features so this is where a Mobile device management tool (MDM) is more useful and we’ll explore that next week.

Despite the limitations, a kiosking app is still often all a business needs to run hugely more effectively.  If you need more then the best ones will integrate and upgrade to a full MDM client as you need it. Just come talk to us and we’ll help you install and manage your mobile devices using our own Kiosk app technology.

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