Korean Rugged PDA Manufacturers – An Overview

South Korea is probably one of the most mis-understood countries when it comes to understanding the products and quality of product the country makes.  It still conjures up images of tatty, copied cheap chinese products with very little in the way of service for many people but I think things have changed, especially when it comes to Rugged PDA’s!

Just look at todays brands coming out of South Korea right now.  Samsung is now the largest  electronics manufacturer in the world, LG is not far behind. Hyundai and especially Kia are not only growing rapidly but are profitable and innovate brands stealing a lot of market share globally right now.  A plethora of other electronics companies including iRiver and hanjin do almost everything are to mention but a few!

Not all Korean Rugged PDA manufacturers are great in our view, (trust me we’ve worked with them all) but the 3 that are making a big difference right now are Pidion, Dotel and Woosim and I wanted to just blog about these companies to put them into perspective.


These guys are the largest rugged PDA manufacturer in Korea with a long history littered with innovation, awards and firsts.  The Pidion BIP-6000 was the first Rugged PDA with RFID built-in and continues to sell strongly being the first Android rugged PDA this year too.  They are a large company, bigger than most US brands and they have a superb extensive range of Rugged PDA’s and a lot of history and expertise behind them.


For a long time Dotel produced parts for all of the Korean brands including Samsung but these days they also want a piece of the action in the rugged PDA market.  Dotel have a small but growing range of products that have in the past been OEM’d into other kit but now stand as their own brand.  The Dotel H300 especially is a fantastic Rugged Handheld offering what feel is the best option in the lightweight Rugged PDA category right now.


Demand for receipt printers is growing and Woosim are kind of like the Pidion/Dotel of the printing world for us.  Strong products with a big product list, they pretty much cut your printing solution pricing in half.

All 3 brands above are repaired, serviced and generally loved and cared for right here in Liverpool, UK so you know where to come to get them fixed and you know that your solution will be looked after and focussed on.

What we find different in these brands is that they listen to us, they change and flex their services and try to deal with our requests better.  In my view they are now starting to offer far less risk whilst reducing cost than the “prestige brands” are.

The world is a funny place, always has been and always will be.  Who would have thought just 40 years ago that the greatest golfer would be black and the greatest rapper would be white, well you know the best Rugged PDA’s just could be coming from Korea these days too.

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