This is part 2 of our series on what businesses look for in a mobile device, and today we’re looking at the second most popular area…Price.

What does Price actually mean?

Price is a funny old thing, we have customers that just want the best at the best price, we have some where money’s no object and we have some in the middle but one theme runs through all of them; they want value for money.  Price, despite not being the top requirement, is always up there and the recent recession has also meant that there seems to be a fresh re-focus on pricing so lets explore what this really means.

We asked our customers again exactly what they thought about price and 3 common themes came out of this and we explore them below:

Value for money

This was all about price up front Versus the cost over the years of running your mobile hardware.  A lot of our customers were becoming far more focussed on the cost over the years opposed to the price up front.  What this means is that customers are truly now looking for a reseller that can offer everything, expertise, support, repairs as well as being a problem solver and general go-to guy but at a value for money price point.  They accept that if we stand by a product that perhaps doesn’t quite have the Motorola badge on it then it’s OK…and guess what….. it is!

Getting the right device

Getting the right device was also deemed as key to the price.  Too many customers we talked to felt that certain resellers pushed them down certain routes or brands and ended up feeling like they might not have seen the choice before buying.  Price was deemed as being quite strongly tied to getting the right device that had the right spec but at the right value point.

There’s more to life than Motorola!

The long tail is hitting all industries now and bringing huge choice to customers.  The rugged market is no exception and we must get 1 or 2 new suppliers every week contact us with new stuff for us to sell!  Now a lot of this is simply not something we deem suitable but some of it is and we feel that bringing alternative kit has given true choice to customers.  However it runs deeper than that with a lot of less expensive alternatives being seen as more niche and suitable, as well equipped as many of the existing brands and therefore we’re now seeing a shift in the trust to deliver at this level from the prestige brands to the lesser known ones who are taking the time to engage their reseller base in the right way.

Basically there’s better kit out there at a better price point but customers are clever enough to understand that having the right reseller engagement, having the support they need and getting what they need resolved quickly is what value for money is all about.  It seems that the “Back-to-Manufacturer” model is maybe dying? :-0!

So that’s what we know about price!  Hope this helps your business to position pricing and to understand the value for money and where it counts most.  We’ll continues with the series on Friday.

As always comments welcomed!

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