Get your Macbook Pro working with Del U2711 Monitor Easy!

Sorry to hijack the blog today but we like to mix it up here at Rugged and Mobile from time to time!

We’re Apple users here in the office, we love their kit but they do have a habit of locking things up a bit and when we proudly bought our new £600 Dell U2711 monitors here we thought we could just plug them in and enjoy the super high 2560 x 1440 resolution.  We thought wrong but there is a great solution.

The problem

Firstly the problem is about the connection you use.  Whilst DVI or VGA connected to the std cables that come with the monitor should in theory work (Not sure if VGA actually allows this resolution over it though), the std Mini Display Port to DVI adaptor does not give you the full resolution.  This gave 1600 x 1200 at best, and the HDMI equivalent of this connector was worse, only giving us 1080 lines down the monitor instead of 1200.

So the solution was to go and buy Apples Dual Mini display port to DVI connector but that’s near enough £100 here in the UK and not g’teed to work with new Macbooks and it also doesn’t work with the Mini’s we have too, all a bit complex, too expensive and locked in for our liking.  Also there’s a lot of buzz on the forums about this cable not working correctly right now.  However resigned to the fact we almost bought some of these until we suddenly saw another product.

The solution then was to use something called a Mini Display Port to Display Port adaptor.  The Dell U2711, along with a plethora of connectors the Dell U2711 has a new “Display” Port on it which you just connect this cable directly to, and the then into the mini display port of your Mac.  Bingo, everything works for £6!!

We just spent so much Saturday time on this here in the office that we thought we’d blog about it to help everyone else with the same problem!  The cable is available everywhere, is about £6 and just Google for “Display adaptor to mini display adaptor cable” to find it.

Back to Rugged stuff tomorrow!

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4 Responses

  1. Nigel

    Thank you. I’ve just bought one of these cables branded from Hopefully it will work! But it didn’t show up immediately in a google search so I thought I’d note down the location.

  2. suicideflex

    Great stuff, nearly thought I would have to return the big bad boy!

    • ruggedandmobile

      One thing I have noticed is that the Monitor goes through periods of flickering on and off. However it only does it when being used with this cable with the MCP. We have found that the chassis of the MCP and the connector can sometimes short out the connection to the monitor. In fact all our MCP’s do this. We just made sure the connector seats tightly in the MCP port and its then fine.

  3. Dorothy

    I’m excited to try this! I’ve been slogging along with chunky resolutions and really regretting my purchase. So if this works, WOOHOO! Thanks!