So continuing our look at niche Rugged Handhelds we going to have a look at a small market of customers who ask us if there’s anything rugged out there but with no barcode scanner.  Barcode scanning and Rugged PDA’s tend to go hand in hand but there are some cases where this is not the case.

Firstly we’re seeing an increase in RFID solutions and with long roadmapped life spans, the Rugged Handheld market is not keeping pace.  The answer, to not pay for the barcode scanner and to use a Bluetooth RFID solution.  I’ll talk about RFID in the next post as it happens.  The second scenario we see a lot, especially in the field mobility area is customers who have already invested in bluetooth barcode scanners for their smartphone estate and who don’t want to pay again for a piece of technology they already have.

This knocks Motorola, Intermec , Honeywell and all the usual companies out but there are some exceptions.

Smaller Rugged PDA’s

If you’re looking for something small then both of Ganedata’s GX range in the Ganedata Gsmart and GX8010 can have the standard 2D barcode reader taken out.

Janam’s XM and XP ranges can also come very cheaply if you opt for the barcode reader-less versions.

Socket Somo gets a mention here, also an inhouse Rugged PDA like the Janam range, although aimed at the lighter side of it.  There Somo range has a long list of SD or CF barcode readers that can be attached as and when you need them.

Partnertech’s XT100 and 200 range also come with no scanner and have already been mentioned for their larger screen format and recently released WM6.5 version.

Lastly Airo’s A25 comes pretty rugged on paper with no barcode scanner built in.

Larger Rugged PDA’s

Pidion’s BIP-6000 and the Psion IKON are worth a mention as they are the only devices at this level that can be supplied with no barcode scanner in them and if you’re looking for something specialist then Trimbles range comes without scanners supplied as standard in most of their devices.  We’ll mention lastly the Mobile Compia M3, despite probably dropping this device soon due to issues with the GPS amongst others but it does still give a unique choice in the MC55, CN50, BIP-5000 market.

As always there’s a compromise to be made but that compromise is starting to look pretty irrelevant!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about RFID devices, catch you then!

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