Barcoding is a fundamental part of business data capture and despite rival technologies like RFID or NFC, barcoding is still the most common and easiest way to install a proper ID system into your business.  Whether you want to print or scan a barcode, learn how to implement your own barcoding solution or simply understand a littler bit more about them, then this guide’s for you!

Below is the planned contents and as I develop the blog series, i’ll add and liven all the links up.  I’ll be making a PDF from the blogs too and sticking the guide to the front page of our blog.

Please feel free to recommend any topics and ask any questions you have at all.


1. Barcode types explained

2. Choosing the right barcode scanner

3. Top 10 tips to help scan your barcodes efficiently.

4. Designing and printing barcodes

5. A little more about barcode labels

6. Barcoding terms and glossary

I’ll be writing up the first guide very soon.

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