Mobile EPOS – What Can it Do For You?

So we’ve established that Mobile EPOS Devices are the way things are going but what can they actually do and are they really capable of taking over a shop till and ordering system?  Lets take a typical EPOS device and see what it can do…

Order Taking Application

Well firstly most Mobile EPOS devices that we sell here are Windows Mobile of some nature which means they are far more programmable than your typical credit card machine in a shop.  This means, with a little bit of Microsoft .NET expertise you can quickly create any kind of interface and functionality you want to on the device or there will be some off the shelf applications to get you going.  Lets not forget Android and Apple OSX either.  Whilst nothing is rugged in this market, there are solutions on both platforms that are being taken seriously in less rugged environments.

Add to this pretty much every Mobile EPOS device worth its salt has a Barcode scanner of some nature that will allow you to easily scan and select the products required for the order.

Payment Details

Next is taking payment and a typical mobile EPOS machine will have everything you need.  Lets take the Pidion BIP-1300, one of the most popular EPOS terminals we sell here.  It has a Mag stripe reader, Chip reader, RFID reader for the newer RFID touch based charge cards, they have a keypad for PIN numbers and it is PCI certified to handle and verify sensitive payment data.

Payment Verification

Again we turn to the OS on the device again and we see that verifying payment over WiFi, GPRS/3G or even over Ethernet whilst cradled is easily achieved by most Mobile EPOS devices.  Some also now have finger print readers and they even have a phone built-in if you need to take a larger payment so you can call the Credit card company!!


The last element of the customer order is to give some kind of receipt and whilst we could send this electronically something that’s puts EPOS device apart from normal Rugged PDA’s is the fact it has a printer built into it.  Most are 2″ wide and work exactly the same as the till receipt printer you see at a normal POS cash till.

Order Review

Feedback is important after every sale and you can easily create or buy an application that can update you when, say food or drinks have been delivered to the bar and are waiting to be served, or even to track something being delivered.  Just imagine with mobile EPOS you could even have a delivery update point to a tent at a festival!!The sky really is the limit for Mobile EPOS and yes they are capable little devices that can run a line of business application for you.  However more importantly for this series of blogs about Mobile EPOS we can now start to see how using a Mobile SPOS Terminal over the classic method opens up a whole host of new ways to work. Partnertech’s M1-POS can easily print receipts


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