Data Logic PM series

Data Logic PM series can be used in low temperature scenarios

Barcode Scanners for Freezers are a rare breed and you are severely limited to what you can go for if you’re looking for a barcode scanner for a freezer or freezing environment.

This quick article is off the back of a recent enquiry so I thought i’d share my research with you.

Baracode ToughRunners

Baracode ToughRunners can be used at low temperatures

The issue is that typically you’re going to need a barcode scanner that will operate at -20 or even -30 degrees and they manage this in 2 ways.  Firstly there’s the equipment that can just work at this temperature.  Baracoda’s ToughRunners Xtreme is one rated to -30 and is probably the only scanner, let alone wireless scanner that operates freely at this temperature.

Intermec SR61

Intermec SR61 multiple scanning options

Intermecs SR61 range are also rated for -20 as cabled and wireless versions and offer some great scanning options, with 1D, 2D and Intermecs Near/Far scanning engine offered as part of the range.

Last but not least  Datalogic also provide a range of scanners in their PM7100/8300 (shown above) and PD and PBT range that not only work at the lower temperatures but also provide a plethora of heated cradle accessories that can keep the scanner warm.  Datalogic also provide 1D or 2D readers and have a huge range of accessories and cradle fixing options.

All of these options aren’t cheap and expect to pay £500 for each scanner, more for the Barcode.  However if you build the solution properly you’ll have a very rugged barcode scanner and you’ll be scanning those frozen barcodes for years to come with no hassles!

If you have a unique barcode scanning problem or you want to find a novel solution then just ask me as we always find the right answers here!


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