Hi Everyone

Our free barcode generator is now live and can be found here: Barcode Generator

Its basic but it works and we’ll tweak it on request or when we get some more spare time.

The purpose of this is to give our customers something to test their barcode data on.  It shows you early on if a barcode symbology will be feasible to use for your project and it can also be used to test viability of Rugged PDA scanners you are evaluating.  It’s designed to let you print off the barcodes you make or save them to a png.  You can also scan barcodes straight from the screen, depending on the type and data used and of course what Barcode scanner or Rugged PDA you are using to test..

You can display some of the most common barcodes in different sizes, it’s all in 300dpi so should be good enough to create some nice test barcodes for your office printers.

Let us have some feedback, otherwise happy barcoding!!


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