Bluetooth barcode scanners are basically the barcode scanners that can connect to your tablet or rugged Handheld PDA or even a smartphone if you think that’s a good idea ;-).  They enable any mobile device whether rugged or not to have access to full retail level barcode scanning and as we’ve revised our range of scanners this month, we thought we’d do a guide on Bluetooth Barcode scanning!

Blog 1 – Today we’ll look at what they are and why you’d use one.

Blog 2 – We’ll look at the main features of using the SDK’s that come with the scanners (thank-you Socket for an excellent feature on this)

Blog 3 – we’ll update our top 5 Bluetooth Barcode Scanners with the reasons why these are in our top 5!

What are Bluetooth barcode Scanners?

Well in  nutshell they tend to come in all kinds of sizes but they’re essentially a candy bar device, with a proper barcode scanner in them, usually OEM’d from one of the major barcode scanner providers like Motorola or Intermec and they allow any PDA or tablet user to scan barcodes aggressively and efficiently.

They connect to your device via bluetooth and will send the scanned data straight back to your PDA or tablet as you scan, so you effectively have a barcode scanner in your solution.  Some offer more complex features like “batch” mode which will store the barcodes on the scanner for download later and some even handle going in and out of BT range.

Bluetooth is way better than it used to be and despite many bluetooth barcode scanners having extensive proprietary software to manage the bluetooth connection, it’s hardly needed these days.  Most scanners will connect straight out of the box, require very little setup to connect to any Windows Mobile, iPhone or  Android device and they can be used simply in “Keyboard Wedge” mode or by using the Software Development Kit that comes with them.

We’re seeing growth in bluetooth barcode scanner sales, largely driven by people using tablets where a built in scanner is often an issue.  Also as Data capture solutions based around barcodes or RFID become ever more popular real true barcode scanning, that doesn;t rely on the devices camera are sought.

So in the next blog we’ll look at the SDK that comes with the scanner, why it’s worth using and the top 10 features of them.

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