We’ve been having a lot of discussion about Rugged PDA accessories the past few months so we wanted to cover off a whole host of subjects and questions regarding accessories this week.

Selecting the right Rugged PDA accessories are a real art these days.  Not only does a rugged PDA come with an absolute plethora of accessories to choose from, they also tend to use proprietary connectors that renders a lot of standard, cheap parts unavailable for them.  The Smartphone world seems to be diverging and agreeing on Micro USB as their standard for charging and syncing but in the rugged world there are a lot of reasons why this isn’t the case, some more valid in our opinion than others!

This series of blogs hopes to take you through some of the most common accessories you should look for, it then looks at the connector issue and why we see so many proprietary versions across manufacturers.  We’ll also look at some case stories where and we’ll field some common questions along the way.

First up in the series we take a look at the central point of the Rugged PDA Accessory, the connectors:

Rugged PDA Accessory Connectors – A closer Look. – COMING TOMORROW…

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