This is the penultimate blog in our Mission Critical Mobile Solutions series, and today we turn back to hardware and accessories for your Rugged PDA in particular.

Having a device that’s up to date, but more importantly just does the job at hand is often only able due to the accessories it can use.  Sure cases, tethers, stylus etc are all important too but what about the most important stuff?

Cradles are so important and only rugged PDA’s have these options.  USB cradles go so far but Ethernet connected cradles in 1 2 or 4 device versions are also very key to how easily your data gets from device to business as well as how easily they can be charged.

Vehicle cradles that are rugged and will work with rugged RAM mounts are often critical and as will anything that charges the device directly.  If you can’t get a 2A plus charge into your device then it will take hours to charge its battery.  Does your smartphone also come with a commercial class vehicle charger that will protect it when being used in commercial grade vehicles working at double the voltage or more?

I think it’s important to be able to get larger batteries, tougher cables and connectors and also all the weird and wonderful snap on type of accessories that make line of business applications work that much better.  Scanner trigger handles, RFID snap ons and even payment clip ons all add up to a truly mission critical application that’s also secure and easy to use.

When you’re buying your next mobile device for your line of business application just take the time to have a look at the accessories that are available to ensure you have a device that is totally optimised to what you;re trying to achieve.

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