Yesterday we looked at Spec and features and today we’re looking at Accessories.  Rugged PDA’s all come with a varying degree of accessories which can be a make or break for your device.  We list the main ones you should be looking for right here.

6. Accessories

We’ll try to do this in order of importance but of course this will be different for each customer.

  • Cases – Check out the case options.  Are there any choices with cases or holsters, can you customise them at all and are they cheap or properly rugged?
  • Stylus – Are there options for the stylus, are they cheap to replace and are they decent quality?
  • Does the reseller also have all the items that will keep you going throughout the life of the device.  Styles, hand straps, LCD protectors and spares?
  • Batteries – Do they come in different sizes and are these easy and cheap to replace.  You will need new batteries at some point.
  • Cradles – Single desktop USB cradles range in price from £40 to over £120 for some devices.  Whats in the box?  Can you get a quad cradle, ethernet option or charge only versions?
  • Cables and snap ons.  What exist to help you connect to the PDA directly?  Can you charge with a small cable, sync and connect to other devices at all?
  • Vehicle accessories – Chargers, cradles etc all need to be considered.  Buy cheap ones at your peril as these will burn the Rugged Handheld out over time.
  • Price – Check out the pricing of the accessories and assess how much these are going to cost you over the 3-5 year life of your device.  It can all add up to horrendous amounts.

lastly always check what you get in the box.  For instance with a Motorola or Intermec device you get nothing.  You don;t even get a charger which you have to add in to the price.  With Pidion or Dotel it’s the opposite with cradles and all leads and more in the box already.

Tomorrow we’ll count down to Number 5 and look at the general Ruggedness and quality of the device.

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