A Sunday post, i’m passionate about Rugged Handhelds but I do have a life too!!  OK I own up, I had writers block on Thursday but stimulated by a wonderfully difficult set of customers on Friday I found a few more niche articles.  We just love our customers here!

OK so back to Rugged PDA’s and this post looks at Rugged Handhelds with Big Batteries!

We always get asked “how long will the battery last in that?” and the answer is always the same….”What are you planning on doing with it!”  I jest not, because knowing all about batteries and how they are being used is key to the length it will last.  For example if you switch off all your radios like WiFi, BT, GSM and GPRS, use the scanner infrequently and make sure your LCD screen brightness and usage is managed correctly then you could get 2 days out of a smaller battery.  If you’re doing the inverse then the largest battery on the market will only last you half a day.

Next week I’m going to look in more depth at batteries and how to get the most out of them but to end this week’s niche rugged handheld week, I wanted to just list the rugged handhelds that are known for great battery life or have an innovative or different way of attaining it:

Psion IKON – Probably the best known in its class for battery power.  A Big 5000 mAh battery is not only biggest in its class but it also has some nice battery management features that extend it even further.

Pidion BIP-6000 – This currently holds our battery test record here at over 9 hours on full usage so it shouldn’t be ignored either, if you need an inexpensive all round rugged PDA then this has a great lasting life.

Higher Voltage batteries are also ones to look out for.  Usually found in the larger warehouse oriented rugged handhelds, if they have more voltage then they pack more power with a rough guide being, double the voltage, then double the lasting.  Take a look at devices like Motorola MC9090, Honeywell’s 9000 series and various Intermec devices too.
Battery types, we starting to see the first Lithium Polymer batteries in the rugged Market too, just like you’ll find ion an iPhone and iPAD.  Ganedata’s GX8010 and GSmart both touting these and getting exceptional performance.  The 2000mAh battery in the GX8010 easily gives it double the oomph that 3600mah li-Ion batteries give and the 3200mAh Li-POL battery in the GSmart has the potential to be class leading as soon as we’re able to test it!
So that concludes “Niche” rugged handheld week, I hope you enjoyed it.
This week we’ll be looking at battery tech more closely.

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