Continuing the “cheap” theme this week I thought i’d play a little bit Devils advocate and show the colour of the grass on the other side of the fence by asking the question if there is a scenario where choosing a cheap mobile device for your business is the right thing to do.  Here’s what I came up with:

1. Finances

We do speak to companies who simply have a budget and that’s it! However even in this case you could still buy a refurb rugged device that’ll still outlast a cheap smartphone but for some needing the latest spec they can get for the money means they need to buy cheap!


I think this trend is reversing as we’re talking to too many companies who end up losing too much productivity pushing out the responsibility of the device to their workers or outsourced contractors, however for the self employed worker who has to get a device as part of their contract to read gas meters for a living might find that a £1000 rugged PDA is simply out of reach to them and cheap is what they need to get.  IN this case you;re not selling to a business though in my view.

3. Innovation

Some companies simply like to keep up with the latest tech and continually align their mobile business to them.  4G?  They want it and they’re sending video and pictures over the air.  Latest GPS? You bet they’re locating assets to the nearest 2M!  Whilst I would always say that the latest and greatest tech is often only found in the most expensive handsets, there are a few cheaper options that come closer than rugged kit and can drive this kind of purchase forward.

4. Testing/Pilot

We saw this in the good old Windows Mobile days where people would test or pilot their new mobile app with cheap smartphones, if they saw a return then they went on and bought the right kit when they knew just how important the mobile element of their business would be.  Whilst we all now know the benefits of having a mobile application, there are actually a lot more unknowns than there’s ever been.  We now have 3_ operating systems to consider, all with their versions and pros/cons.  Handset choice is exploding and the kinds of data capture needed haven;t even been thought of so a cheap device can often focus the minds of your people.

5. They just need a device!

Some companies simply don;t need anything but the cheapest device.  If you don’t need barcode scanning, the latest specs, if ruggedness isn’t an issue, screen size or anything else for that matter… If you just need a phone that can do a few vital but basic things then maybe cheap is for you and there’s nothing wrong with that!!

So there

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