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This came a few times last week so i’m putting up the steps here for anyone who can’t get their Windows Mobile phone connected to the internet.

1. From the Start Menu, Go to Settings–> Connections Tab–> Connections

2. Select “Add a new modem connection” under My ISP

3. Enter a preferred name for your connection, e.g. “My O2 GPRS

4. Select Cellular Line (GPRS) option under “select a modem” and click “Next”

5. Enter the Access Point Name, for O2 it is “mobile.o2.co.uk ” and click “Next”

6. For Username, for O2 enter “mobileweb

7. For Password, for O2 enter “password

8. Leave the domain blank and click on the “Advanced…” button

9. Make sure option “Use server-assigned IP address” is selected

10. Also make sure that options “Use software compression” and “Use IP header compression” are unselected

11. Click on the “Servers” tab and ensure that “User server assigned addresses” is checked

12. Click “OK” on the top right of the screen and then Click “Finish

An easy way to test if GPRS is connecting is to load up Internet Explorer and browse to “m.google.co.uk”

I’ll write the settings for all the UK GPRS networks in the next post.

Check back soon!

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