We're Moving!

We’ve moved!

We've been unusually quiet, but that's because we've been moving office and boy was that a lot more work than we all thought! We've amassed so much stuff over the years, chips, loan kit etc that we had so mu...
Apples famous 1984 Superbowl advert caused a ruckus!

Happy Ruckusmakerday!

So today would have been Steve Jobs' birthday and for the first time today we're celebrating this as "Annual Ruckusmaker day!" So why bother?  Because the great, late SJ was one of the greatest people of our...
OS fragmentation is here to stay for a while at least!

The Android fragmentation Issue

We're entering an era in business that we've never really seen before and that's the era of true multi-operating systems on Mobile devices.  Sure we've always had a choice of mobile device, but it's only in rec...
Merry Christmas 2014

A very Merry and Rugged Christmas 2014!

We've had a fabulous year here at RAM, we've had the privileged of being slap bang in the middle of the mobile market once again which has brought so much innovation to us this year. We've also changed and cont...
Staying or leaving? The vote is today

Should I stay or should I go now!

It's a historic day in the UK, if Scotland votes Yes today then the United Kingdom loses a country, we have to change the Union flag and Scottish people become as foreign as the French to us. Here at RAM we'...
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Plug and play with Socket Mobile

Welcome back! Rugged and Mobile are back with the first blog of the week just to let you people about our newest product range (yes, another one). This time it is the turn of American manufacturers Socket Mobi...
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The Biggest Range of Products!

Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay in our blogging lately, we’ve been quite busy with launching the site and adding one of the biggest ranges of products to be seen in our market. So far we have managed to su...
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A Laymans Guide to Device Management! – Part 1

Device management is a growing market as businesses begin to realise the importance of being able to get to and manage their mobile devices and data whilst in the field. This 3 part blog helps the layperson understand what Device Management is, the main challenges, the benefits and lastly the best solutions avialble.