Sewoo make quality portable printers

Sewoo portable printer Week!

We always like to do a supplier week when we add a new manufacturer and this week is no different.  We've actually been selling Sewoo for a while now but this week marks the start of a new relationship and one ...
The Apple Watch is here!
100%First look

The Apple Watch is here!

SSo we covered off the iPhone 6 in this morning's post, but the 2nd product unveiled yesterday was the much anticipated Watch. You know there's been so many rumours about the Apple Watch that I was worried it w...
The Samsung Note 4 is revealed
85%First look

Samsung Note 4 unveiled!

We love Android here at Rugged and Mobile but despite that, most of the office here still love their iPhones! Always the black sheep, I've used an Android smartphone for a few years now and kind of fell in love...
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The Raptors are here!

So the Raptors are here and I hope you enjoyed learning all about the the past couple of weeks.  We're always looking for unique products that reflect what businesses and their users need and so this week and l...