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18 08 2014
The Rugged and Mobile blog has nearly moved!

The Rugged and Mobile blog has nearly moved!

Who’d have though moving a blog would take so long!!  Well we’re almost there, just re-categorising the content, sorting out the tags and we’ll be flicking over to the new platform!

Will be back very soon!



Workabout Pro G3 discontinued – Update & Advice

14 07 2014
The Psion/Motorola Workabout Pro G3 is retired

The Psion/Motorola Workabout Pro G3 is retired

The WAP G3 is now at the end of it’s life so for all of you G3 users we’ve compiled a list of questions to make sure you know where you stand and what to do:

Are my G3 accessories compatible with G4 devices?

Yes, the device shares the same case and all the accessories fit as far as we know.

Why was the Workabout Pro 3 discontinued?

The same as most discontinuations these days!  Component obsolescence and higher than expected run-rate.

Is there a direct replacement for the Workabout Pro 3?

The Workabout Pro 4 is a direct upgarde device to the WAP G3.  We also have a lot of nice alternatives and experience of people moving from WAP devices on to somehting else so just give us a call if you need some help.

Can I still buy Workabout Pro G3 accessories

Workabout Pro G3 accessories and upgrade modules remain orderable until further notice.

Will Workabout Pro 3 modules (lasers, imagers, radios) work with the Workabout Pro 4?

Unfortunately not, Workabout Pro G3 and Workabout Pro 4 lasers, imagers, and WiFi/3G radios are not compatible with each other.

Is there any Workabout Pro 3 stock still available and when do they stop producing them?

Availability is limited and on a first come first serve basis.  Stock is now dwindling but there is a healthy re-furb market if you;re really stuck!

Just send in any questions to us and we’ll do our best to help.


Bluebird Pidion BM180 update

25 06 2014
The BM180 is nearly here!

The BM180 is nearly here!

The Pidion BM180 and BP30 are 5″ screen sized Android devices, focussed on EPOS.  The BM180 is durable, the BP30 is the rugged version of the pair but other than that they’re pretty identical.

So far we’ve had the following availability update:

July 2014 – Android WiFi only versions

October 2014 – Android 3G/GSM versions available

October 2014 Windows 8 Embedded Wifi only

January 2015 – W8E 3G/GSM versions

A 5″ screen is pretty unique in the rugged market right now so it’s going to be a race to see whether the Raptor R5 or the BM180 get to the market with a first.  As soon as we can get our hands on both devices we’ll be sure to pit them against each other and let you know which one comes out on top!

We’re taking orders if people want to order, so get in touch if you’re looking for something with a 5″ screen.


Bluebird Pidion end of life notice on HM45 and BP70

23 06 2014
Bluebird Pidion discontinue the HM45 and BP70

Bluebird Pidion discontinue the HM45 and BP70

Because we have had so many questions regarding these 2 products and also lots of new propducts going on right now, i’m going to dedicate this week to products and product news!

Today we thought we’d clear everything up about the Pidion HM45 and BP70.

This is a short update for anyone buying the following Bluebird Pidion rugged devices:

Bluebird BP70 – End of lifed

The BP70 has been removed from sale.  No reason has been given other than “end of lifing” it.  The BP50 has had issues too but will go back on sale ASAP new and improved.  The BP80 status is unchanged.  This leaves Bluebird with no 10″ Android option.

Update: Bluebird have told us that the BP70 is in fact now not going EOL so “Geoffrey, we have a difference of opinion here!” We sell as much of this stuff as anyone else and we don’t know what’s going on si leave it in Bluebirds court.  Maybe someone from Bluebird can comment here about it?

Alternative Android Tablets

Pidion HM45 – End of lifed

The Pidion HM45 has also been “end of lifed”  with immediate effect.  The BM180 and BP30 are now coming fairly soon to the UK (See next blog) and these devices will replace the HM45, although how a 5″ LCD EPOS focussed device replaces a 3.5″ LCD small one i’m not so sure.

We have lots of really great alternatives right here:

3.5″ LCD – Gen2Wave RP1100

4.3″ LCD – Gen2Wave RP1300, Raptor R4

5″ Screen – Raptor R5

Just come ask us if you need any more help.


Motorola MC67 adds a splash of Android

15 04 2014
The Motorola MC67 adds Jelly Beans!

The Motorola MC67 adds Jelly Beans!

Despite the short Google connection, Motorola have been a little bit slow on the Android uptake but with 3 devices running the OS so far and now the MC67, they’re playing catch up fast!

The MC67 is Motorola’s super rugged version of the MC55/65 series bringing a fairly compact, classic rugged PDA to the market and it brings a solid piece kit to the Android marketplace giving customers a choice in the OS they now run on the device.

You’ll get the exact same architecture as the WIndows EMbedded Handheld 6.5 version of the device excpet this version runs Android Jelly Bean, v4.1.

We’re currently not sure how the OS sits on the device and which versions of the MC67 it’ll run on.  So whether it will run all the scanner options, if all the keypad types are supported, the price and if the MC67 Android version has a focussed keypad option remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to spill the beans as soon as we know more.


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