Motorola MC67 adds a splash of Android

15 04 2014
The Motorola MC67 adds Jelly Beans!

The Motorola MC67 adds Jelly Beans!

Despite the short Google connection, Motorola have been a little bit slow on the Android uptake but with 3 devices running the OS so far and now the MC67, they’re playing catch up fast!

The MC67 is Motorola’s super rugged version of the MC55/65 series bringing a fairly compact, classic rugged PDA to the market and it brings a solid piece kit to the Android marketplace giving customers a choice in the OS they now run on the device.

You’ll get the exact same architecture as the WIndows EMbedded Handheld 6.5 version of the device excpet this version runs Android Jelly Bean, v4.1.

We’re currently not sure how the OS sits on the device and which versions of the MC67 it’ll run on.  So whether it will run all the scanner options, if all the keypad types are supported, the price and if the MC67 Android version has a focussed keypad option remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to spill the beans as soon as we know more.

Goodbye Jay, Marketing won’t be tthe same without you!

14 10 2013
Jay Conrad Levinson passes away

Jay Conrad Levinson passes away

As a small but vibrant, growing and most importantly transparent and honest company we use a lot of frontier marketing techniques such as permission only, non-interruptible techniques and Jay Conrad Levinson has been at the core of a lot of our marketing technique discussions in the past.

Well, Jay passed away on the 10th October 2013 so I just wanted to say from all of us at Rugged and Mobile – “Jay you’ll never know just how many Rugged PDA’s you were responsible for selling through us!”

Rest in peace

The rugged and mobile team

When 2 become 1 – Intermec is no more!

24 09 2013


Intermec buyout is finalised

Intermec buyout is finalised

To be honest it’s more like when 5 become 1 as Honemec… sorry a I mean Honeywell AIDC have been on a rugged buying spree over the past few years.  A few days ago they announced their latest bid to buy out Intermec was approved and finalised.  The deal was worth about $600M and marks a major shift in the rugged market landscape with Intermec being one of the top 3 suppliers with around $800M in annual sales.

What Honeywell say

“The acquisition of Intermec will add innovative products and solutions, as well as deep engineering expertise and a broad global sales channel that further demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers an increasing array of innovative technologies in the highly attractive AIDC industry,” said John
Waldron, president of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility.

Honeywell also go on to tell us that the transition will be smooth with their focus on customers throughout.

What we think

Buyouts are never great for customers. They take out competition and choice, the resellers have to fight harder to sell product and look for other things to sell and everyone internally is worrying about their job, not customers.  Trust me I’ve been through the largest IT merger in history and I’ve seen it first hand.  It also means you lose a valuable perspective in the market place.

I’ve personally sold a lot of Intermec over the many years I’ve known them but being honest this has been on the cards for some time now with rumours abound for years.  One thing’s for sure though, I think Honeywell are on the up, their product range is now starting to make a lot more sense and this buyout will help them in the long run.  In the short term I think there’s going to be a lot of re-organisation needed.

Winmate e430 goes Jelly bean!

18 09 2013
The new Winmate e430M2 and it's sibling Rugged Android PDA's

The new Winmate e430M2 and it’s sibling Rugged Android PDA’s

So the Winmate e430M2 brings changes!  In this fast changing world, we get less and less time to announce new products, let alone get to grips with them!  Especially with Android based devices which can get updates 3 or 4 times per year.  It’s going to be a fact of life that change is something we won’t get 6 months notice of any more and it will happen more and more across all of our suppliers.

That said Winmate has now released their latest update to its e430 rugged Android PDA range with the Winmate e430M2 which is essentially an Android 4.1 update and to go along with that a required CPU, RAM and ROM upgrade which v4.1 of Android demands.

Price-wise the M2 is about a £50 hike in price form the old M, depending on the exact spec chosen.

So where does that leave the Winmate e430 Rugged PDA series, we’ll explain it to you right here!

The old range

Until now we had the Winmate e430M and e430T base platforms and it went like this:

e430M = standard rugged Android device.

e430T = Windows Mobile or Windows CE version

However you could run Android v2.3 on the e430T so those looking for a bit more power form the better CPU and board could opt for the e430T.

The Winmate e430 range today

The e430M = Remains as the standard v2.3 rugged Android PDA and offers the entry level device.

The e430M2 = A better specced and later version 4.1 rugged Android device.

The e430T Remains as the Windows mobile/CE version of the e430 range.

Whilst you can still install Android onto the e430T, there’s no point as the M2 is more powerful and actually less expensive.

Will the e430M2 replace the e430M?

Well Winmate’s official line is they are still selling both models, however they’ve removed the Winmate e430M from their own website already so draw your own conclusion from that.  We’ve been told directly that both are still selling and we’re currently checking the SDK and portability of the new old to the new device and more on that later.

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Intermec CN4 and CN4e gets end of life notice

6 09 2013


CN4 and CN4e get their bus passes!

CN4 and CN4e get their bus passes!

The Intermec CN4 and CN4e have been around for many-many years and we just got end of life warning for them this week.

The end of life date has been set at 31/08/2014, so it gives users a good year to find an alternative device and the full notification process is below:

  • August 2013 – First EOB (End of build) notice
  • November 2013 – Second EOB notice
  • March 2014 – Third EOB notice
  • June 2014 – Final notice issued

August 31, 2014 – Last Day to Place Orders; EOB complete

There’s no direct replacement expected and with the Intermec buyout happening right now we’re not surprised to see that.  Users should consider the Intermec CN70 series or if you need something slightly less rugged then the CN50 (Being replaced by the CN51) would be the way to go.  Check out our site now and filter by all kinds of different parameters to see what else could do the job for you.

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